A Girl Called Hope

A Girl Called Hope works with young women who face life controlling issues and behaviours, such as abuse, addictions, depression, disordered eating, self harm and unplanned pregnancy. We offer a six-month residential programme free of charge for women aged 16 to 28 years which is practical and holistic in nature. We also provide training and seminars to equip those in the community who support these young women who are struggling. Join us and bring hope to those who so desperately need it.

Abilities Group

Abilities Incorporated is an Incorporated Society that was set up to assist people with disabilities. Our primary aim is to assist people with disabilities through work in as near a normal situation as is possible. Our philosophy is to adjust the work to suit the person not the person to suit the work. This can mean having to make special fixtures to allow people with disabilities to be able to undertake work that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Amnesty International

Every day 6,000 people flee Syria - over 3 million refugees to date. There is nowhere for families to seek safety with schools, hospitals, and homes destroyed by air strikes. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, many of them women and children - innocent civilians caught in an endless bloody war. While the international community stands by, Amnesty are taking action on the ground. Your support makes it possible for Amnesty to give a voice to ordinary Syrians and continue this crucial work.

Aotearoa Development Cooperative

ADC supports entrepreneurs in Myanmar and Malawi who live below the poverty line to build their own businesses so that entire communities can work their way out of poverty. They are industrious, capable people who just need some funding and support to get started. We work with local partners to resource and empower these people so that they become masters of their own destiny. ADC is a NZ-based charity run on a largely voluntary basis by young professionals passionate about making a difference.

Auckland City Mission

The Auckland City Mission provides essential services to people who are in in desperate need. We offer hope to individuals and families who may be experiencing a temporary setback or a long-term problem, and have no-one else to turn to. We provide immediate assistance, such as food, clothing and bedding, and staff work with individuals or families to find workable, long-term solutions to the issues they face. By supporting the Mission on Little Lot, you can help make this possible.

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

ARHT operates two Westpac Rescue Helicopters, providing rescue services to the greater Auckland region. The service covers one of the largest playgrounds per capita in the world, and is viewed as part of the greater Auckland infrastructure. From Te Hana in the North, to Port Waikato in the South, and including the whole Coromandel Peninsula – it accounts for 1/3rd of NZ’s population. The Trust’s motto is ‘ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE’, and the variety of missions flown clearly demonstrates that.

Bay Trust Rescue Helicopter

The rapid response of our rescue helicopter is crucial when time is of the essence or accessibility is compromised. We bring life saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to the patient. The Bay Trust Rescue Helicopter servicing the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty regions completed 134 missions in 2014. We rely on the community to fund 50% of our operation. Whether it’s on the road, the farm, hunting, boating, a rescue operation, or an inter-hospital transfer, we are ready to respond 24/7.

Bellyful NZ

Bellyful New Zealand is a nationwide charity that provides much needed support to families with newborns and families with young children who are struggling with illness. We do this by providing free meals. We are as much about providing emotional support and building local community connections as we are about giving practical support. As an entirely volunteer run organisation we thrive on the support of the community to continue our service.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Start Something Big! Each time a child is matched with a mentor on the Big Brothers Big Sisters programme it starts something incredible, a life changing relationship built on friendship, trust, guidance and empowerment. Right now Big Brothers Big Sisters supports around 900 vulnerable, kiwi kids with strong and enduring, professionally supported mentoring relationships. Your support will help provide mentors for the children who are waiting. You’ll start something big.

Breast Cancer Support

For those New Zealanders experiencing breast cancer - recently or in the past - being with others who have 'been there too' can offer much needed information, reassurance and guidance. We provide community-based support services run by trained volunteers who have experienced breast cancer too and can care for others from a positive, personal perspective. With your help, we can walk alongside women and men throughout their breast cancer journeys and on towards positive, hopeful futures.

Building for Education

Our core projects are educational facilities for poor communities in East Africa, but 100% of money raised on Little Lot will go towards water distribution pipes for the community of Moi Ndabi, including the school. This will mean that instead of walking for hours each day fetching water, children can go to school, get an education and take water home from there. The water will also be used to irrigate crops, which will in turn raise money to help the community maintain the water supply system.

Camp Quality

Camp Quality is a charity for children living with cancer aged 5-16 years. We provide around 300 kids from across NZ an annual week-long summer camp at NO COST to the children and their families. The camps are not only a whole load of fun and a distraction from the children’s illness but also provide their families some relief and a chance to spend time with siblings that may otherwise be feeling a little left out amongst hospital visits and treatments.


Made up of families who have experienced the devastation of suicide, CASPER is totally committed to preventing others from knowing the pain of a loved one ending their life. We believe all suicides are preventable and that everyone can find hope and meaning in their lives. We believe families and communities are best placed to provide the support and practical assistance those facing suicide risk require. We work with people to create environments in which living is less painful than dying.

Child Cancer Foundation

At any one time the Child Cancer Foundation is supporting more than 500 families across the country on a journey that they had not planned to take. Children undergo a total of 100,000 treatments and procedures each year – and the average treatment journey of a child with cancer is between one to three years. Our Family Support Coordinators connect with families and provide support, information and services to children and their families in hospital, at home and in the community.

Cystic Fibrosis NZ

Cystic Fibrosis NZ focuses on obtaining quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis and their families; striving for a normal life expectancy and a cure. We need donations to provide support services, equipment and financial assistance, and would like to reach 100 backers on Little Lot to raise funds for our May Conference where our community will learn about the latest developments in treatment and research.

Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand

Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (DFNZ) was formed in November 2006 to provide a voice for, and services to, the estimated one in ten New Zealanders with dyslexia as well as to those supporting them. We focus on empowering students, parents and schools and raising awareness in the wider community.

Engineers Without Borders

At EWBNZ our vision is for everyone to live a life of opportunity, free from poverty. Our volunteers use a people-centered approach to build capacity and support community-led engineering projects in New Zealand and South Pacific communities. We improve community health, well-being and opportunity by providing solutions to water, sanitation, energy and agriculture challenges that these communities face. With your support we can transform lives and make our vision a reality.

Food for Families

Food for Families Nelson is made up of local volunteers dedicated to helping members of our community. Our primary function is to prepare healthy, nutritious food which is distributed free of charge through our "Community Meals" programme. A good variety of food packed with vitamins and minerals does more than just fill the belly. Studies have shown that children in families with a well-balanced diet show better behaviour, concentration and energy levels.

Garden to Table

Garden to Table delivers to primary school children a practical and engaging food education programme that connects the land, its care and potential; the food we harvest, its variety and versatility; and the socialisation associated with gardening, cooking and eating. Not only do the children learn skills for life but also are empowered to make informed food choices for their future. Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi. With your food basket and our food basket, the people will thrive.

Greenlea Rescue Helicopter

The rapid response of our rescue helicopter is crucial when time is of the essence or accessibility is compromised. We bring life-saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to the patient. The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter servicing the Central Plateau completed 157 missions in 2014. We rely on the community to fund 50% of our operation. Whether it’s on the road, the farm, hunting, boating, a rescue operation, or an inter-hospital transfer, we are ready to respond 24/7.


It is pretty easy to sit back and just let the world pass you by, acknowledging there are issues but assuming someone else will take care of them. The Head2Head Charity has grown from the idea to not only sit up and take action, but to raise funds for local causes and ensure monies raised are funding the improvement of our communities.

Home and Family Christchurch

Home & Family work alongside children, adults and families for as longs as it takes. We are an independent, Christchurch based incorporated society that provides counselling and residential parenting. We encourage healthy, resilient and safe families and this has benefits for the entire community. It provides an opportunity for inter-generational change to create positive new cultures, behaviours and relationships, with results that span throughout the life-line of an entire family.

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories supports young people to play a critical role in creating solutions to the big issues of our time. We're best known for the national event Festival for the Future, and running NZ’s first accelerator programme to grow the next generation of social entrepreneurs & enterprise, Live the Dream. We're growing a movement of young New Zealanders who can, and will change the world – you can be part of it.

Journey of Hope

Everybody is entitled to medical care and finance should not be a factor in preserving life and being able to celebrate it with friends and family. Journey of Hope raises funds for and sponsors those who cannot afford to pay for medical treatment and who might have struggled to receive funding from other sources. Not only do we support with the medical bills, but we also wish to give each individual the opportunities that we all take for granted, and that is having a normal and happy life.

Just Zilch

Just Zilch wants to be part of the solution for a community that won’t let people go hungry. To do this we rescue surplus food and give it to those in need. This means that surplus food is being used productively and people who are struggling to make ends meet are able to get some extra food to help them through. Everyone goes through tough times and sometimes it’s the community together that makes the difference.

Kenzie's Gift

Kenzie's Gift supports children, young people and their families through the emotionally difficult times that can follow a diagnosis of serious illness or a bereavement within the family. Our one-to-one therapy programmes can give children and teens the tools they need to deal with the fear, anxiety, grief and loss experienced when they or their siblings are faced with such life challenges. Our goal is to promote good mental health and emotional wellbeing for all New Zealand children.

King St. Artworks

King Street Artworks promotes mental health and well-being of the individual, the family and the community by providing a free art workshop to which ANYONE can come and create. Our mantra of early intervention and self-directed recovery is the most cost effective way to build a more resilient community. A community that has control over its own health needs and a community that understands the effect that stigma has on us all.

Kotuku Foundation Assistance Animals Aotearoa

KFAAA is the sole NZ provider of Medical Response Dogs (MRDs), a specialised class of Disability Assistance Dog trained to respond to life-threatening changes in its handler’s condition. Every day our dogs not only transform the lives of their partners, but potentially save them. KFAAA is the only organisation of its type in the country whose dogs literally ‘scent to save™’ for a wide variety of medical conditions. Support our special work. Help us change and save more lives.

Lincoln University

Our precious planet is facing the toughest time of its existence and we are facing challenges that could have impacts beyond our comprehension. Our goal is to inspire our youth with stories of people just like them already making a significant difference. To show you the world needs you – needs you now – to: Feed the World, Protect The Future, Live Well and become a part of The LU Generation. The generation that will make a change.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts is a volunteer run charity that believes every single child in NZ deserves the best start in life. So we give away FREE life-changing packs full of everything a baby needs at birth, plus extra health and safety items. Our packs make a real difference to our country’s most vulnerable babies. They are given away by amazing organisations like the Neonatal Trust, the Woman’s Refuge, Red Cross, Barnardos, Birthright, and many more. Working together we can change lives!

Look Good Feel Better

Finding out you have cancer can be daunting and life-changing. The added stress of the appearance related side effects of treatment can be hard to cope with and can have serious consequences on self-esteem at a time when a positive attitude is very important. We are the only cancer support charity providing practical support for women struggling with these side effects. Our classes help people with cancer improve the way they look, letting them face the world with more confidence & positivity.

Make-A-Wish New Zealand

Aaron, aged 8 has a rare form of cancer called Synovia Sarcoma. His wish was to be a digger driver. A very special day was organised for him when he came home from Starship Hospital. After a classic car ride and an exciting session at the local Bunnings, Aaron was able to take the controls of a digger. To his surprise, he dug up a treasure chest filled with toys, games and a PSP console. Your contribution through Little Lot helps make wishes like Aaron's possible.

Mother's Milk NZ

We promote and inform people about the safety and benefits of Human Milk Banking. Premature babies fed pasteurized donor human milk when mothers’ own milk is not available helps to protect them from life threatening infections and decrease the length of their stay in the neonatal unit. NZ is lagging behind the rest of the world so let’s keep the ball rolling. Christchurch opened our first donor milk bank in Feb 2014. Auckland, Wellington and Manuawatu are super keen so please help us get going.

New Zealand Red Cross

Providing lifesaving assistance to displaced people affected disaster and conflict, in our own back yard and around the world, is at the heart of what New Zealand Red Cross does. Each year thousands of people affected by conflicts or disasters turn to New Zealand Red Cross for help, hope and support; whether it’s providing clean water to a drought stricken community or vital medical care.

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled

NZ Riding for the Disabled (NZRDA) provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating, therapeutic horse riding and horse-related activities in New Zealand. Through being part of a special Riding Therapy Programme at one of our 55 RDA Groups, NZRDA helps over 3,000 Riders each year to change their lives for the better - achieving goals and overcome obstacles they never thought possible. Read some of our Rider stories at www.rda.org.nz/riderstories.htm

North Harbour Living without Violence

North Harbour Living Without Violence is a community based organisation of men and women whose main aim is to intervene in and stop domestic violence. Our mission is to provide quality services to reduce violence and abuse in our community. It is imperative that we keep services like ours in operation when we look at the appalling child abuse and domestic violence statistics in our country.

NPH New Zealand

NPH New Zealand is a Kiwi initiative that works with children who have been classified as those who will not survive. NPH has saved and raised over 25,000 children and adults in our homes, hospitals and outreach programs. Our vision is a world without poverty where all children develop their unique potential becoming productive members of society serving their community.

NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

NZBCF is the country’s foremost breast cancer education and awareness organisation. We promote awareness of breast cancer; provide information and education through free resources and nationwide seminars; raise funds to support breast cancer related initiatives including medical research, scholarships and medical grants for professional development. By supporting NZBCF on Little Lot, you help make this important work possible.

Orphans Aid International

Today... over 150 million children suffer and struggle to survive with no mum or dad. Join our cause to love and care for orphaned children. Started in New Zealand in 2004, we exist to bring relief and care for as many of these children as we are able. We are caring for more than 700 orphaned, abandoned and street children in Romania, Russia, India and Uganda and beyond. But we need your help. Join with us to see the abandoned rescued – one child at a time.

Oxfam New Zealand

In Papua New Guinea just 33% of rural people have access to safe water. Waterborne diseases such as cholera, malaria, trachoma and worm infestations kill more than one million children each year. Support Oxfam to install life-saving water and sanitation infrastructure for communities, ensure communities are educated and can own, operate and maintain their water systems, and improve health and hygiene awareness through community education. By supporting Oxfam on Little Lot, you help give life.

P3 Foundation

P3 Foundation is a New Zealand based movement of young people united by our vision to see extreme poverty end within our generation. Our drive comes from the belief that extreme poverty is unjust and unacceptable. We work towards a better tomorrow, where every person has the chance to follow their dreams. Together we build a movement of young people with the passion, knowledge and skills to take action against extreme poverty, starting with the Asia-Pacific.

Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter

The rapid response of our rescue helicopter is crucial when time is of the essence or accessibility is compromised. We bring life saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to the patient. The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter servicing the Manawatu/Whanganui region completed 248 missions in 2014. We rely on the community to fund 50% of our operation. Whether it’s on the road, the farm, hunting, boating, a rescue operation, or an inter-hospital transfer, we are ready to respond 24/7.

Partners Relief & Development New Zealand

Partners Relief & Development is a Christian aid agency with field offices in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and Mae Sot near the Thai-Burma border. The primary focus of our organization’s work is with ethnic refugees from Burma. Our faith compels us to address the whole person: mind, body and spirit. We assist those (especially children) affected by war and now living in hide sites in Burma’s conflict zones, and refugee camps and migrant communities along the Thai-Burma border.

Paw Justice

Paw Justice has a zero tolerance attitude towards animal abuse. It works with the community to reduce animal abuse and cruelty. Paw Justice has various campaigns and programmes which aim to promote its causes. We act as advocates in the community for those with no voices and promote education and public awareness to bring about social change. Join your voice with ours - become the voice for the animals.


RainbowYOUTH is an organisation based on providing support, information, advocacy for young queer and trans*(LGBTIQ) people up to the ages of 28. Additionally, we have services to support the friends and whānau of queer and trans* youth, as well as their schools and others that work with them. At RainbowYOUTH, we’re about fostering a safe, inclusive, accepting & diverse family environment. We are drug, smoke, and alcohol free. We are youth run, youth lead and has been active for over 25 years.

Reclaim Another Woman

We match women from challenging circumstances, who are ready to make a change, with long term mentors who support their journey of transformation through education. The women we support typically come from a life of intergenerational violence, benefit dependence and educational under-achievement. We aim to break the cycle of family violence, repeat offending, poverty and disadvantage in NZ and fill the gap in services offered to prevent women returning to violent relationships or incarceration.

Ronald McDonald House

We provide families with stability and resources so that they can keep their children healthy and happy. This includes our Ronald McDonald Houses which enable families to stay near their child while they receive specialist medical treatment at some of New Zealand’s biggest hospitals. Every year 3600 New Zealand families call our Houses home, and with your support you can help us raise funds for the upkeep of one family bedroom which on average will be used by 27 families each year.


Katie Boom started Shoeless in 2012 after living in Cambodia, where she saw first-hand that thousands of children couldn’t afford to get to school. Katie came back to NZ and gave up shoes as a quirky, visual way to raise awareness. Shoeless has grown into a movement of people who want to help kids break out of the poverty cycle through education. It only costs $20 a year to supply a child with shoes, uniform, and school books (plus, Shoeless is 100% charity).


Today’s customers are seeking visual content that is timely and authentic. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that 51% of marketers say creating visual content is a top priority. But digital marketers find it hard to get scalable, quality content. Shuttlerock provides a powerful software platform that enables your organization to easily generate and activate your visual content.


Skylight is here to help people get through the tough times of loss, grief, change and trauma. We are the support. We are hope builders and hope brokers. We help children, youth and adults suffering through grief, loss, trauma and change. We provide individual, group and family counselling, a variety of support groups and extensive professional development programmes. Skylight’s promise is to support people to move forward through difficult times. Please help us fulfill this promise.


StarJam’s purpose is to create empowering and inclusive opportunities for young Kiwis with disabilities (we call them ‘Jammers’) and their families, nationwide. These opportunities are varied and are designed so that our Jammers are part of an environment where they learn, develop skill sets, gain confidence, experience respect and build friendships; things that, because of their disability, they may not have had the opportunity to do before.

Starship Foundation

Year-round the Starship National Air Ambulance Service flies top medical experts to life-threatening emergencies around the country. These vary from complications arising from normal childhood illnesses to accidents, as well as children suffering from severe afflictions. These specialists stabilise the children and allow them to be brought safely to Starship where they can receive the care they need. By supporting Starship on Little Lot, you help make these life-saving missions possible.

Student Volunteer Army

The Student Volunteer Army (SVA) is all about getting students engaged and involved in the wider community. SVA was created following the September 2010 earthquake, where over 11,000 students volunteered in the Christchurch area. It is a student run organisation founded on four primary values - fulfilment, ambition, collaboration, and empathy - to achieve our mission of making service a part of the student lifestyle by inspiring and activating students to be the change in their community.

Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines is a young, multi-award winning New Zealand charity run by six hard-working staff and a network of passionate volunteers. We love our coasts and we work with our sleeves rolled up to keep them beautiful. We coordinate and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. We also help groups run their own events. Join us on Little Lot and keep our coasts beautiful.


When a community lifts itself out of poverty, everything changes. Poverty does more than exhaust, starve and kill people. It destroys their sense of worth, limits their horizons and robs people of the chance to reach their full potential. At TEAR Fund we’re passionate about releasing people from poverty in Jesus name. We work with local organisations and churches in developing countries through child sponsorship, community development and disaster relief and we’d love your support to reach more.

The Lonely Miaow Association

The Lonely Miaow Association is dedicated to the rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats and kittens in the Auckland area. Every day we hear about homeless cats and kittens from the public - they are often injured, starving or neglected. Each cat that is rescued is taken to a vet and those passing the health and temperament assessments move on to a foster home and adoption into a new caring family. They are all vaccinated, defleaed, dewormed, desexed, and microchipped prior to adoption.

The Million Metres Stream Project

A cool plunge into pristine river water on a hot summer day. Fish in the stream providing hours of entertainment for the kids. An endangered kiwi experience? Statistics show our lowland waterways are not in good shape. We can all help restore their health by funding plants for waterway planting. Plants filter faecal pathogens, prevent sediment and phosphorus washing into water, and cool the water by shading it, so aquatic creatures can survive. Together we can help restore our waterways.

The New Zealand Dance Company

The New Zealand Dance Company creates inspiring dance productions for audiences throughout New Zealand and abroad. The company provides a platform for both senior and emerging dancers to have viable careers in New Zealand. Our Youth Engagement Programme creates access to mentoring for young people to get hooked into dance, conveying the joy and benefits of dance through a schools programme focused on helping the next generation of Kiwis fulfill their potential.

The Parenting Place

NZ statistics are frightening when it comes to child abuse, teenage pregnancy and youth suicide. Bullying in our schools and criminal assaults by children are big topics in our media. Parenting is the most important job we will ever have, but how much support are NZ families getting? Our range of accessible, affordable and targeted parenting programmes provide easy to implement tips and strategies to help with the many challenges of parenting, equipping parents to build strong healthy families.

Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter

The rapid response of our rescue helicopter is crucial when time is of the essence or accessibility is compromised. We bring life saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to the patient. The Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter servicing the Bay of Plenty region completed 143 missions in 2014. We rely on the community to fund 50% of our operation. Whether it’s on the road, the farm, hunting, boating, a rescue operation, or an inter-hospital transfer, we are ready to respond 24/7.

Waikato Breast Cancer Trust

Our challenge, with your help, is to stop this disease! We are improving outcomes for women with breast cancer and ultimately to prevent breast cancer altogether. We are actively educating and providing high quality research into diagnosis, prevention and treatment of breast cancer in the Waikato and NZ. Come and join us in this fight to stop Breast Cancer.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The rapid response of our rescue helicopter is crucial when time is of the essence or accessibility is compromised. We bring life saving equipment and rescue personnel directly to the patient. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter servicing the Waikato/King Country region completed 406 missions in 2014. We rely on the community to fund 50% of our operation. Whether it’s on the road, the farm, hunting, boating, a rescue operation, or an inter-hospital transfer, we are ready to respond 24/7.

Whau River Catchment Trust

The Whau River Catchment Trust is an active and effective community organisation dedicated to restoring and enhancing Auckland’s unique Whau River. We work closely with a great team of volunteers, schools, businesses and community groups to return the river and its streams to a healthy condition for future generations to live, work and play in this irreplaceable taonga.

Women's Refuge

As an independent community organisation we work at many levels. From our contact with individuals and families through to involvement with local community and government agencies, we strive to help prevent and stop domestic violence. Your support will ensure a woman and her child, seeking help from her angry and aggressive partner, has a warm, safe and secure environment provided by supportive and caring people at such a critical time.

World Vision FVM Water Collective

At the end of last year we went to Cambodia and got to meet our mates in Stong. Although we had a lot of laughs, we also saw the reality of a life without access to safe drinking water. Every year 10,000 children die in Cambodia due to water-related illnesses. We reckon we can help change that! Become a part of our Water Collective to help World Vision provide life-saving wells and water filtration systems. The best thing, it won't cost you a cent! Love Music, Love Cambodia. xxx FVM

Y for Youth

Y for YOUTH was established to create a resource engine of sustained funding for New Zealand’s youth organisations. Enabling them to prosper and expand their impact particularly in urban and rural areas with serious issues. Our vision is educate, motivate and mentor our youth and become a catalyst in lowering our youth social statistics such as suicide, unemployment and bullying. Help us to harnesses business as a force for good and put the power in the hands of consumers to make a difference.

Young Enterprise Trust

Young Enterprise believes that best way to address unemployment and grow the economy is to focus on our youth. Our programmes teach students about business and managing their money. They also help students gain confidence while learning about team work and communication. Ultimately, this combination of skills helps our students go on to get jobs, create jobs, and manage their money. Help us to help more young people right across all of New Zealand.


Youthline is a first point of contact for young people in New Zealand to access a wide range of youth development and support services. Our primary focus is to engage young people and their families - both those who seek assistance and those who wish to develop themselves.


At Zeal we believe that every young person has creative potential, and we exist to see this realised. Our youth facilities are places of acceptance and belonging, full of life and colour. Over $1 million has been raised to build Zeal Hamilton – Zeal’s third purpose-built youth facility, which will become the creative hub and home for Hamilton’s young people. The build has started, but we’re still $90,000 short, and you can help just by supporting us on Little Lot.