Google Young Innovator Award 2013 - Nelson Rayner (as Donate Your Desktop)

The purpose of this award is to recognize young individuals (30 and under) in each field of the communications industry who are not only excelling in their careers, but also inventing and implementing new ways to develop alternative and innovative digital marketing and media platforms.

NetExplo 100 2013 by UNESCO (as Donate Your Desktop)

Every year the Netexplo global observatory of digital innovations identifies the latest and most promising projects and experiments on every continent through its international network of more than 200 spotters. A college of international experts next selects the 100 most interesting cases, forming the annual Netexplo 100.

Top 15 Digital Design on Luerzer's Archive - August 2012 (as Donate Your Desktop)

Donate Your Desktop gained prestigious selection as a Top 15 Digital Design by Will McGinness, Creative Director/Venables Bell. Luerzer’s Archive is an international magazine and website that catalogues advertising for print, television, product packaging, commercial illustration and other subject areas.

Netguide Best Online Fundraising Initiative 2012 (as Donate Your Desktop)

The Netguide Web Awards by TechDay are one of the premier awards for the IT industry in New Zealand.